Why Opt for Slate and Tile Roofing?

Slate, a resilient material with a roofing history spanning over 700 years, offers three variations: natural, artificial, and zinc. Its authenticity and aesthetic charm make it particularly suitable for traditional-style residences.

Meanwhile, tiles, crafted with comparable durability, emerge as a formidable alternative. Available in concrete or clay compositions, they cater more to contemporary dwellings, boasting diverse styles and enduring quality.

Both options remain highly favored in modern roofing for several compelling reasons:
  • Durability:
  • Slate roofs boast a remarkable lifespan of up to 150 years, while tile roofs endure for 50 to 70 years, surpassing the typical 20 to 30-year expectancy of conventional roofs.
  • Long-term Value:
  • Despite requiring a slightly higher initial investment, slate or tile roofing offers superior long-term value owing to their enduring durability.
  • Aesthetic Appeal:
  • Slate, primarily grey but available in various shades, textures, and patterns, alongside tiles in a plethora of designs and hues, ensure a visually striking roof. We provide diverse fixing methods tailored to each, ensuring both elegance and resilience.
    • Protection and Environmental Benefits: Notably fire-resistant, slate and tile roofing also boast environmental advantages, with natural slate exhibiting the lowest carbon footprint among roofing materials.

    Our Offerings:

    At Provision Constructions LTD, we present a wide selection of slate and tile roofing options, meticulously installed by our dedicated team.

    Why Choose Provision Constructions LTD Roofing Specialist?

    • Flexibility: Regardless of your roof type, style preferences, or budget constraints, we procure the most suitable slate, tiles, and fittings to meet your unique specifications.
    • Experience: With over 18 years of expertise in slate and tile roof installations, we adhere to the latest recommendations from leading manufacturers, ensuring best practices and superior products.
    • Peace of Mind:  Beyond mere installation, we guide you through considerations such as planning restrictions, aesthetic needs, site conditions, roof pitch, and budgetary concerns. This holistic approach ensures that your chosen slate or tile roof seamlessly integrates with your requirements, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.


    Land is expensive, so making the most of your square footage is a savvy move. Building up adds value, especially when you use the best loft conversion company in uk. But which style should you go for?
    It depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Budget: number one consideration

  • House position: end/mid-terraces, semi-detached, detacheds have different opportunities/restrictions

  • Planning permission: some projects require it, others don’t

  • Intended use: occasional spare room/extra living space or additional main bedrooms/bathrooms